[ GIGA028 2014 ]

AIR [ available February 15 ]
DIGITAL [ bandcamp ]

A brand new sound extravaganza from T H E M A Y S, AIRSPACE! This time around, the intrepid crew of producers have given themselves the limitations of the elements. Aleatoric/chance music inspired by John Cage with all sounds generated by wind and air! Then all of that has been chopped up and re-processed into a breathing compressed landscape with scraps of melodies floating on top of wheezing gases, recurring,'s really pretty great!

initially released on 6 flash drives, launched from a hill top over San Francisco with 6 big ass orange helium balloons ( ) we now present it to you in a full digital format with a heady compliment of remixes: from the blissed out sun pop of Shortcircles to the belching swamp gas of Borful Tang!

Airspace mastered at Headless Buddha by Myles Boisen.
Shortcircles remix mastered by Matt Tammariello.
All else mastered by Dominic Cramp.

They are even talking about it in Norway! :


[ GIGA019 2010 ]
1. E E E N O O N N O
2. W T O T W T O O
3. E T R E T E H E T R E E H H R
4. O O U F U U R O F R R F
5. V V V F I I E I F E F E
6. S X X X I S I S I
7. V V S S E E E N E V S E N E N
8. H H G T G G T E I E I H E T I
9. N E I N N E N N I E N I
10. T E T T E N N N E
11. V E N N E L L E E V N E E L E E V E
12. L E T T V W W L E E E E T L E V W V

K N O W F I is a forty minute life cycle of fuzzed-out drones, washing machine melodies and post-human dilemmas. Constructed from hundreds of unfolding layers, this album ranges from simple and hypnotic to dense and dramatic.

"We'd recommend that you sit right down, settle in for a spell, and allow the heavily processed and densely layered drones, fleeting melodies, found sounds and other noise generators melt together into every crack and crevice of your ear drums. Awash with ever-evolving warbly, woobly wonderfulness! "
-Aquarius Records

"...we have a very intriguing series of quite fierce electronic music spread across 12 inscrutable and foggy tracks of all-instrumental goop. What I like about it is the loud volume, the general ‘heaviness’ of some of their reverberating bass tones, and the impolite but spare use of sampling. At their best, The Mays can be mystifying and mesmerizing, working like sorcerers who conceal their work behind impenetrable symbols. By all means, do investigate this oddity!"."
-The Sound Projector

"Oxygen deprived awake on ambien core/ whipp-itcore scifi winter music drone. Icy, spacey, low aquatic, end twisting frequencies from synthesized & organic sources w/ scratchings, scrapings and field recordings. The bass textures are the highlight of the album, and each track is a different fucked up from huffing soylent green night in a module on solaris where you see ghosts of your ex-wife sleeping with every bartender that ever served. All tracks fade in to each other. you dig this, check out Xiphiidae, Sky Limousine, Softwar, Loscil.
-Brick KZSU 90.1 FM



Do boulders remember their glory days as comets? Is our atmosphere the ultimate reverb chamber? Do clouds paint pictures for a reason? These are some of the questions posed by T H E M A Y S, a loose collective of alumni and instructors from San Francisco's 'Urban Music Program,' which is "dedicated to teaching progressive and adventurous music-making of all kinds" at the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, a non-profit that has been using innovative methods to build community for fifteen years. 

Members of the group are involved in a host of other projects, including Jon Bernson from Exray's / Window Twins, Michael Falsetto-Mapp from Exray's / Grown Kids Radio and the Children of the Funk production team: Sirius B, Yelir and Chill Will. THEMAYS released KNOWFI, their debut album of sample collage, on Gigante Sound in 2011, self-released their second album in 2012, an EP of instrumental beat travels called THEWORKS, and in 2013 released a tape of hypnotic piano and organ loops called WORKSPACE on Howells Transmitter.