Herd and Unherd
[ GIGA022 2010 ]
1. Xevious
2. The Conversation
3. Shadow in dub
4. counting careful
5. Herd and unherd
6. The long goodbye

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DIGITAL [ bandcamp ]

After a three year hiatus spent walking, thinking and observing; Borful brings us back some of his interpretations of the world at large....as it was, as it is, as it might be.

Herd and Unherd takes nuggets from times past and whips them into a spooky nostalgia; then shifts into the present, cutting up AM Christian broadcasts, alien worshippers in Marin, and finally disappears down the rabbit hole with a 17 minute drift into dark space.

"But what makes Herd And Unherd more than just another 'clever' exercise in spooky plunderphonic soundscaping is the way that it's exercised by anxieties about the relationships between sound, voice and (over)hearing….here it could be a being from another dimension explaining how sound functions in this universe. "
--The Wire

On The Back of a Dying Beast Vol. 1
[ GIGA005 2007 ]
Disk 1
1. juggernaut soliloquoy
2. modesto
3. wonder inn

Disk 2
4. The tides of land
5 . electronic interlude iv
6. oh kap soon
7. eli

CD [ squidCo ]

Gigante Sound recording artist Borful Tang, the outer inter-dimensional exile, returns with some of his strongest material to date. Released as an ambitious two disk set, ‘On the Back of a Dying Beast: Volume One’ chronicles the unedited live performance of Borful Tang on KDVS (Davis, CA) on August 30, 2006.

For an uninterrupted hour and a half, Borful Tang reworks and extends a whole cadre of new material as well as a few tunes from his earlier releases. As stated in the title, this is only the first volume of several to come, chronicling the live radio performances of Mr. Borful Tang.

"The best thing about it all is it's strange, crackled often hazy flow that means it doesn't fit squarely into any musically genre and often dances in and out of musically textures & melodies before jumping into a fog of chattering voices, or down a rabbit hole of roaring psychedelic drone or noise,or down to the sea to be washed over by strange seas."
--Musique Machine

"We'll bet quite a broad range of strange music lovers will dig this... if the names Plunderphonics, Negativland, NoMeansNo, BBC Radiophonic Workshop tickle your aural funnybone!"
-Aquarius Records

Split EP with Sunshine Militant Children's Hour
[ GIGA002 2005 ]
1. duncan you live too long
2. shit your pants
Borful Tang
3. Roach
4. the tides of land

First up is Sunshine Militant Children’s Hour. This is the studio wing of the more widely known, Militant Children’s Hour. Indeed, elements of MCH are incorporated into the cut-up ambient rollicking on these tracks. Sure to please the FCC, “Shit Your Pants” actually grew out of an interlude in the live MCH show; one man in a dress, or ape suit, or foil with a drum set and a guitar.

Rounding out the EP is Borful Tang. Formerly of G25 Productions and concurrently of SNURP, Borful brings his unique blend of atmospherics and searing cutups to Gigante and we are excited! He blends the oversaturated pounding of a cut to ribbons Max Roach, with a bassinet quartet and an amateur mining enthusiast on “Roach”. And uses a library of congress record player that goes to 8 rpm as the engine for the eerie “The Tides of the Land”


The Story of Borful Tang is a long and strange one. It defies belief but we present it to you as truth in this condensed form. He is a being from another time and another place; a place not of this Earth but a parallel world.



Borful Tang: The Movie

Live at Carlos' House of Shame with special
guest, Militant Children's Hour

The source for 'Xevious' from Herd and Unherd