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Sunken Treasures Vol 2. (2006-2008)
1. The Electric Grapes Fantasy Part 2
2. The Electric Grapes Fantasy Part 4
3. The Electric Grapes Fantasy Part 5
4. Roundhavens
5. PSS/Too Close to the Edge
6. Tour the Wald
7. My Last Song
8. Balls and Lips
9. Smokey Homes
10. Genie Killer
11. Killer Genie

Volume Two of Blanketship's unreleased tracks archive. These tunes bring us from his balding middle age up to the present.
Sunken Treasures Vol 1. (2001-2005)
1. An Unhealthy Bounce
2. L' Homme Invisible
3. Nissing
4. Oejdxa
5. The Grey Tape Player
6. AMF
7. Be Free
8. Candy Man
9. The Bigger Staff
10. Source Music Take #3
11. Burthas
12. Whole Lotta Love
13. Twinkles
14. Over Now
15. Clamour
16. The Shirlees

Volume One of Blanketship's unreleased archive. These tasty morsels are from the formative years

"Happy Birthday" from Teen Sounds
1. Happy Birthday
Unreleased track from the Teen Sounds lp

Destroyer EP (2005)
1. Destroyer - Part a
2. Destroyer - Part B
3. Sunshine

Featuring the acclaimed, Destroyer; a reimagining of George Thorogood's 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One beer'.

Here There Be Dragons (2001)
1. Skrunk Blews
2. Sauce
3. o' fallen deadyawn
4. here there be dragons
5. Drifting with sonny

The first Qulfus release. From the detuned caveman sax skronk of 'Skrunk Blews' to a completely abstract reworking of NOMEANSNO's 'Give me the Push' on 'Pushed'; this record set the roots for the dark, lost soul Qulfus sound.
Reshapes (2002)
1. wolfgang, ye mighty ox
2. i'm alright
3. The giant who fell to earth
4. hoab
5. pushed

A set of remives, featuring Hella, NOMEANSNO, William Parker, Colin Held.


Muscle Torture (2006)
1.Gimme a kiss
2. tilden or blood
3. this effect is grim or grime
4. uh!
5. tee top to tell town tonight
6. soft rubber
7. place is the space
8. pink elephant (wwegs remix)
9. ming mr. mr. ming
10. in search of yum-yum
11. chuck has wonderbreaD
12. cannibal trog women of the ice ages

Sunshine MCH is a division of the more popular Militant Children's Hour, a degenerate one-man physical mashup from Oakland, California USA. SMCH operate digital and mechanical machinery under the influence of the appalling corporate meltdown and encourage others to do the same.

For Muscle Torture!, his greatest epoch to date, SMCH largely uses the deitrus from the Militant Children’s Hour, twisting and binding the original analog remnants into a skewered digital masterpiece of non-sequitur magic. Touchstones would be People Like Us, Monty Python, Negativeland, Militant Children’s Hour…

Boombox Symphony live on Tank Hill (2009)

A live recording of 13 boomboxes simultaneously playing the k n o w f i record on top of Tank Hill, San Francisco

Live recording from The Day of Noise (2012)

Features reworkings of a lot of material from Contours and Colours (GIGA24 2011)

Vile Diet / Evil Tide (2004)
1. Edit 1
2. Edit 2
3. Edit 3
4. Edit 4
5. Edit 5
6. edit 6
7. edit 7
8. edit 8
9. live 1
10. Live 2
11. Live 3
12. live 4
13. live 56
14 live 7

Vulcanus 68 - Vile Diet / Evil Tide - Konzert Elektronische & Studio-Blüm Neuer Musik All sounds by Russell Archer and Jared Blum on Dolor Del Estamago 2004.

Live with Damon Smith at Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA (09/09/06)