[ GIGA008 2009 ]
1. The Moustache
2. mt. orban
3. sneevely calls on yellow
4. love today
5. dorothy
6. gold bond
7. warbloff
8. enos

CD USA [ squidCo ] * EUROPE [ a-musik }
DIGITAL [ itunes ]

A futurist abstract blues instrumental record heavily influenced by classic soul and dub; a world of echos lost in distant towns; lumbering beasts shuffling through fog.

Cover made from authentic burlap sack.

"...roams freely through the hills and valleys of art-damaged exotica and dank noise soundcapes. The craftily collaged samples and tactile sounds from analog synths, electric bass, pots'n'pans and other unconventional instruments make for a listening experience very much reminiscent of the glorious dark strangeness of Bruce Haack and Gershon Kingsley."
-Aquarius Records

One Day at a Time
[ GIGA018 2009 ]
1. Day One
2. dAy Two
3. day three
4. day four
5. day five
6. day six
7. day seven

On a month break between tours with Evangelista, Dominic Cramp AKA Qulfus, utilised a web based random number generator and the toss of a coin, to come up with a method of chance operation to select seven of the numbered codes used by the Berkeley Public Library to categorize their CD collection.

Having selected the seven CDs, he used the same methodology to pick 4 tracks on each disk to use as source material. He then wrote each album title on a piece of paper and put them all in a bag. On the morning of the day devoted to composition, he would pick a slip of paper at random out of the bag to see which album he would be working on. Seven pieces written on Seven different days in July of 2009.

DAY ONE= De La Soul is Dead by De La Soul
DAY TWO= Music Minus One: Vol. 87 by Benny Carter
DAY THREE= Romantic Guitar Classics by Pepe Romero
DAY FOUR= Sonatas and Partitas of J.S. Bach by Itzhak Perlman
DAY FIVE= White Moon: Songs to Morpheus by Dawn Upshaw
DAY SIX= Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas
DAY SEVEN= The Hanukkah Lounge: Instrumental Jew Age Music by Craig Taubman



Qulfus is a solo project by Dominic Cramp (producer and chauffeur for Borful Tang, a controlling interest in the Gigante Sound Corporation, contributor to and collaborator with Evangelista, Vulcanus 68, Lord Tang, The Talking Book and various other projects and recordings.)

Apart from writing original music, Qulfus has remixed tunes of/for various artists, including Kemek, Duchesses, NoMeansNo, William Parker, Hella, Vicente Fernandez, and The Lovely Public.