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aNew Borful Tang vinyl out on Stroboscopic Artefacts - March 15, 2012

Borful is extremely excited to be involved in this project alongside fellow sonic pioneers Lucy, Perc and Kevin Gorman! Each artist has two tracks a side on two clear 10" vinyl platters. Packaging is insane!

Available now!!

aStream of Vulcanus 68 at KSZU's Day of Noise up in the archive - February 16, 2012

aNew Blanketship preview - February 9, 2012

aContours and Colours is here! -December 18, 2011
Just in time for the holly days, Gigante Sound is proud to present the latest release from Vulcanus 68, Contours and Colours!

Available now on compact disc and MP3, here in the United States and also in Europe! Full of repeating motifs, layered Melotron melodies, bits of percussion, acoustic instrument treatments, boys choir, blurry droneage and manipulated vinyl and cassettes; this is music left over from an abandoned Russian planetarium spectacular! Where solar flares and milky ways map their way across the domed sphere and large chunks of space crunk crack and explode in silence. This is a whole new Vulcanus...

aContours and Colours delay - October 20, 2011
Indeed, sometimes you get what you pay for...or in this case, you don't. Taking advantage of a great sales deal with a here-to-be-unnamed-manufacturer, we are now 16 days on from when we were supposed to receive the new Vulcanus 68 record, Contours and Colours. Apparently, it got sent to "someone else" but that someone remains a mystery and they are reprinting the whole order. It will be here....soon.

aNew Vulcanus 68 mix and preview for upcoming release - September 22, 2011
On October 10, we will be releasing the next offering from Vulcanus 68 entitled Contours and Colours. Forgig a new direction, the duo have left the mouldy basement behind and launched themselves into space, albeit in a mouldy Apollo rocket ship! Here is the title track from the record, Contours and Colours:

To whet your appetite, Jared Blum has put together a mix of sounds that encpasulate where Vulcanus finds themselves these days. Grab it now!

aOut NOW - Beaks Plinth and Scott Caligure - Flameout! - July 7, 2011

Inspired by the 1984 romantic sci- fi classic Starman and it's accompanied soundtrack by Jack Nitzsche,
comes a new collaboration between the Bay Area slow -vinylist composer Beaks Plinth (Jared Blum,
Blanketship, Vulcanus 68) and San Diego synthesist Scott Caligure. The meeting began when Blum
begged Caligure to give up some of his treasured Korg MS 20 four -track tapes for use on a new project.
Before long, Blum created a heady blend of slow drifting drones, tape music, electronic interferences and
dark vinyl passages with the bubbling, velvety grace and warm subs of Caligure's analogue movements.
What Flameout became can be only described as ambient dreamscapes of melodic foundry steeped in
the memory of Jeff Bridges' descent on planet earth in 1984. A dark mountainous terrain with a burst of
energy from the skies of the unknown.

Bridges from Flameout

Check out more tracks and links to buy on the Beaks Plinth page

aGigante Sound live at Great American Music Hall - May 18! - April 27, 2011
In support of their upcoming release on Kool Arrow Records, The Talking Book, Gigante's Jared Blum and Faith No More bassist Bill Gould with assistance from Dominic Cramp will be co-headlining the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco for Mike Patton and the Australian piano and drum duo Pivixki! Holy Shnizles!

PIVIXKI/ Mike Patton with The Talking Book featuring Bill Gould & Gigante Sound!

Wednesday, May 18
doors 7pm/show 8pm
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

Tickets are $21 advance/door
Tickets are on sale now and available via & in person at GAMH/Slim's box offices
(M-F from 10:30am - 6pm and also in the evening on nights of shows)

aOut NOW: 3 new Jared Blum eps! - April 2, 2011
3 new Jared Blum eps available on our micro label Waste Management!

Finally available publicly for the first time! Jared Blum's (Blanketship, Beaks Plinth, Talking Book) secret tape projects and circuit bent electronics EPs!

The first in the series; Maxell, Sony, TDK & ToneMaster is the ultimate in "wall of sound" cracked out tape
noise. Fast and furious, disgusting and broken. Sounds like a tape machine yelling at you for 25 minutes.
This one WILL blow your speakers out, not responsible for any damage. Fans of Merzbow and Russell
Haswell rejoice.

The next , Kassette Experimente  is Blum's  tribute to the Electro-Acoustic and Musique Concrete pioneers
of years past. 100% analogue goop balls ping ponging around your head. Good for a nice picnic in the park
with a loved one, a stinky hunk of cheese and a chilled bottle of Chablis.

Finally, MicroFace Series 1 is a collection of songs constructed entirely from circuit bent electronics. Only
minimal edits and EQing so you hear the whole tangled mess in its full organic glory! For those interested in
what the inside of machines sound like when they mistreated. Glitchy and utterly disgusting but yet playful....

aNew Mixes page is up - March 28, 2011

We have decided to put our ever expanding music collections to work and will be putting up mixes on a
regular basis of tunes we like and are influenced by. We have two up by Blanketship and Borful Tang
already plus links to mixes we have done for other outlets and institutions.

aTwo nights of Gigante Sound live! - January 30, 2011

aBorful Tang exclusive track on The Wire's Below the Radar - December 22, 2010

Borful Tang has written an exclusive track for Volume 5 of The Wire's Below the Radar series. It is only available to subscribers so if you got it, go get it!

aOut NOW: Beaks Plinth - Organo Saturado! - November 2, 2010

Gigante Sound is proud to bring you the screwed lounge grooves of Organo Saturado! Picking up where he
left off with 2008’s Kai Kahola Leo, Beaks Plinth once again unearths all that lives between the grooves of tattered vinyl. This time around, a worn out stack of organ-based records are slowed to a dragging 16 ⅔ and
8 ⅓ rpms. Easy, Church, Jazz, Ice Skating music and more become the focus of "Órgano Saturado."

Inspired by Juan Torres’ melting, mind-warp "Órgano Melódica Vol.11", Beaks' music is a sweetly lethargic affair with a natural affinity for the distorted growl and dull shimmer of the 60’s electric organ. Some of the
tunes are nothing less than melodic masterpieces of the popular genre, where others simply exemplify the sound of the warped plastic’s scratched and skipped, off kilter-sluggish heart.

A Valley High from Organo Saturado

Check out more tracks and links to buy on the Beaks Plinth page

aBorful Tang's Herd and Unherd reviewed in The Wire! - October 22, 2010

Borful is quite pleased to have his latest release, Herd and Unherd, reviewed in the November issue of The Wire! Extra squirrel for desert! For your convenience, here it is reprinted:

aKPFA Gigante special up in the archive - October 11, 2010

If you missed us live you can still catch us up here. We have put a copy of the show up in the Gigante
archive. Or save yourself a trip and stream it here:

KPFA 94.1 FM

aGigante Sound label feature on KPFA October 5th - October 3, 2010

Jared and Dom will be taking to the mic on KPFA this Tuesday night, for a 90 minute feature on Gigante
Sound! The fine folks of the No Other Radio Network have invited us to talk about the label and play a
selection of musics from our catalog. We will be bringing a lot of stuff we have released over the last 5 years
as well as some unreleased bits and pieces from the past and potential future. Should be fun!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 11:59pm to 1:30am


aBorful Tang's Herd and Unherd gets digital release - September 2, 2010

Herd and Unherd is now available in almost every digital format you can think of, thanks to the fine folks at . You want FLAC, AAC, OGG ?! Pick a flavor. And all of it wonderfully DRM free!

aBorful Tang special on WFMU's DO or DIY show - August 4 - August 1, 2010

A beacon of light transmitted from his hermetic dwelling in Oakland, California, Borful Tang is proud to bring
a grip of exclusive new material to People Like Us' mind bending DO or DIY show on WFMU. With the help
of producer/engineer Dominic Cramp (Evangelista, Vulcanus 68, Qulfus) Mr. Tang has crafted a handful of
short narrative pieces compromised of nuggets from his vast vault of found sounds: a news report on the
Commodore 64; a warped skipping Jesus record for children; an Austrian synth demonstration DVD; the
Sapphire and Steele box set! It is all source material for this fiendish cut-up specialist. And all of it set to a
musical interplay that puts him in a class all his own. These pieces are also in support and celebration of
Borful Tang's latest release, Herd and Unherd, out now on Gigante Sound.

Wednesday, August 4 , 7 - 8pm

broadcasting at 91.1 fm in New York, at 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley, and with gobs and gobs of online offerings.

aNew Borful Tang release is here! - July 17, 2010

After a three year hiatus, Borful Tang is back with Herd and Unherd. The Aquarius Records review says it better than we can:

"At long last, a new release from the elusive and mysterious Borful Tang (for his head scratching back history, please refer to our reviews for his Root cd and On The Back Of A Dying Beast 2cd-r). A mischievous sound collagist, he's like some peculiar sonic macrame'd synthesis of Negativland, John Oswald's Plunderphonics,
BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and the Sun City Girls / Sublime Frequencies camp... but he doesn't stop there!
He can match immersive wits with the best of the dronologists too.

At times Herd And Unherd is languidly lulling, at others it's a barrel of percolating loopiness, while still at
others sinisterly possessed. Mr. Tang is clearly something of an obsessive collector of sound sources. He's amassed a vaultful of tapes and vinyl - field recordings, video game soundtracks, religious AM radio broadcasts and other disembodied voices to name just a few. He consults with them, meticulously pares and processes 'em, and the pieces are then refashioned into something which is altogether new, yet haunted by
the eclectic phantoms of the past. Add to this sonic palette an arsenal of a homemade electronic gadgets,
and you have something festooned with mad scientist goggles and soldering goo. Go on, give your ears a
wild feast to munch on. Recommended!"

aT H E M A Y S out now! - June 19, 2010

debut release on Gigante Sound is now available! "K N O W F I" is on sale through
Aquarius Records
in San Francisco. As they say:

"We'd recommend that you sit right down, settle in for a spell, and allow the heavily processed and densely layered drones, fleeting melodies, found sounds and other noise generators melt together into every crack
and crevice of your ear drums. Awash with ever-evolving warbly, woobly wonderfulness! "

There is also a really great live recording in the Archive of K N O W F I being played simultaneously on 13 boomboxes on top of a hill overlooking San Francisco. The different types of media (tape, mp3, CD) put each boombox slightly out of phase and with the different frequency limitations of the various speakers,
creates surprisngly deep, ever mutating drones.

- Setting up the boomboxes - Tank Hill, San Francisco, CA

aMotown Meltdown in Poland - June 15, 2010

Rokhausen's outrageous knees-up good time contribution to the Meltdown has found its way to Polish web radio station, radio*sitka, on the Istota Ssaca show :

Check out a rundown on Motown Meltdown in Polish with syrup synth solo in the background! :

aBorful Tang mocked in Serious Business forum - June 11, 2010

Along with Africans, the "probably gay" and a penis tree, Borful Tang has been mocked in a Serious
Business forum on Interviewing at

Do a Find on the page for : 'Massive Horn', to see the defaming misuse of his likeness.

Our lawyers have been informed.

aGreat Motown Meltdown: Vol.2 review - June 11, 2010

Great review of Motown Meltdown: Vol 2 up at Radio Clash:

Radio Clash is also a fantastic repository of all things culturally mashed and home to one of the longest running podcasts in the UK. If you enjoy the Motown series you should have a trawl around the site.

aMotown Meltdown: Vol.2 on The Wire's Adventures in Modern Music - June 10, 2010

The Wire
magazine's Adventures in Modern Music show on London's Resonance FM, will be featuring a medley of selections from our most recent release, Motown Meltdown: Volume 2, on today's broadcast!

Listen in London on 104.4FM
Listen live on the web at

UK time : 9-10:30pm
West Coast USA time : 1-2:30pm
East Coast USA time : 4-5:30pm

If you missed it, you can find it in the show's archive at:

aMotown Meltdown: Volume 2 out today! - May 6, 2010

Motown Meltdown: Volume 2
is out today! The deadly duo of Blanketship and Qulfus have now opened their vault of Motown karaoke and original multi-track recordings to other artists. Alongside our two tunesmiths, featured on this release are: mashup maniac Rokhausen, electro chemist Vytear, dub maestro Lord Tang,
and Gigante Sound's own T H E M A Y S and Beaks Plinth. Volume 2 brings you a wider spectrum of sounds than the first volume, it's wilder, woolier and weirder than ever before! :: CLICK HERE ::

aEvangelista European Spring tour - April 29, 2010

Dominic is on tour in Europe next month with Evangelista:

07.05.2010 Krems (AT), Donaufestival
10.05.2010 Copenhagen (DK), Loppen
11.05.2010 Oslo (NO), Cafe Mono
12.05.2010 Bergen (NO), Landmark
14.05.2010 Goeteborg (SE), Koloni @ Kulturhamnen
15.05.2010 Rostock (DE), JAZ
17.05.2010 Berlin (DE), HAU2 w/ The Psychic Paramount
19.05.2010 Groningen (NL), Vera
20.05.2010 Krefeld (DE), Kulturrampe
21.05.2010 Brussels (BE), Maison des Musiques
22.05.2010 Bielefeld (DE), Bunker Ulmenwall

aMotown Meltdown: Vol.2 almost finished - April 13, 2010

Motown Meltdown Vol. 2
is almost ready to go. We are working on the art work and mastering at the moment .
It will be releasing at the end of the month and we happy about it because it's not just us! Contributing to this volume of reworkings and maulings are Vytear, T H E M A Y S, Rockhausen and more!

aGigante radio spots on Do or DIY - March 1, 2010

We were asked by Vicky Bennet of the great People Like Us to do some radio spots for her upcoming 24
hour broadcast on WFMU. They were fun and totally ridiculous! If you want spots for your show, give us a holler!:

Motown Meltdown Vol. 2 promo
Flare Reports
For the Kids
Borful Tang promo
Adam and Eve

aBlanketship and Borful preview - January 21, 2010

New Blanketship and Borful Tang records almost ready to go. Music done, art in process. Have a listen of what's to come:

Blanketship - Fantasma

Borful Tang - Herd and Unherd

aNew site up - January 19, 2010

New site launched. Check out the new Music Archive section for out of print, live recordings, radio sessions.

aBlanketship beat Tortoise! - January 19, 2010

made #73 on KUSF's top 90.3 records of 2009! We beat Tortoise!! Congratulations Mr. Ship:

aGigante ad in The Wire - January 19, 2010

Check out our ad in the December issue of The Wire...

aBlanketship review in The Wire - January 19, 2010

Review of the latest Blanketship, "The Sound of Fun Surrounds You/ Klangwunder" in the November issue
of The Wire:

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