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aLord Tang back at the Ministry! - September 25, 2015

aLord Tang Vampin! - July 13, 2015

a420 Lord Tang! - April 04, 2015

aLord Tang at Hemlock Tavern 04/04 - March 25, 2015

aLord Tang playing Life Changing Ministry 01/31 - January 20, 2015

aHappy Holidays from Borful Tang! - December 23, 2014

The other Tang, Borful Tang, returns with this special video presentation for the holidays! Look for a new record from Borful Tang in early 2015!!

aLord Tang tour tunes - December 1, 2014

Lord Tang just returned from his short tour through the European heartland. Along the way he was gifted, purchased and heard a bunch of new music. So much so that he put a mix together and here it be!

Lord Tang Starts Making Sense - Discoveries from the 2014 Lord Tang European Tour by Lord Tang on Mixcloud

Georgia - A Loving Grit
The Cyclist - Bones in Motion
Weisserwesten - Matrosenlied
Solla Solla Volume 2 - Mayakkama
Solla Solla Volume 2 - Aadal Paadalil
RP Boo
- Battle in the Jungle
Joe Gibbs and the Professionals - Rema Dub
The Gladiators - Soul Rebel
Lithops - Uni Umit
Ryo Murakami - Spectrum EP
Felix Kubin - The Rhythm Modulator Cont'd
Papiro Teopatia - Teopatia
Pierre Schaeffer - Etude Aux Tourniquets
Tim Berresheim - Wicked Son 4:28
Titanoboa - Ante Sapina
Harmonia - Watussi

aQulfus returns! - Movember 20, 2014

Qulfus is back! Canadian photographer Shayne Gray used 'The Moustache' from Enos, to set the vibes for his promo for Movember 2014. Moustaches upstairs and downstairs! Check it out!!

aLord Tang European Tour! - September 30, 2014

Lord Tang is bringing his one man extravaganza across the waters to the European heartland!

aBorful Tang's 'Sanctuary' in promo - August 15, 2014

Borful Tang originally released 'Sanctuary' in 2010 on a compilation for The Wire magazine, Below the Radar 05. It has been floating in the aether ever since and most recently found its way to Spain as the backdrop for a promo for the Spanish modern dance company, Ximena Carnevale.

Ella, Demasiado Oscuro - Video Promocional
from Ximena Carnevale Cia on Vimeo.

aRuth White Spectacular! - July 17, 2014

aJared Blum new score - June 19, 2014

The co-chair of the Gigante Sound Executive Board, Jared Blum, presents this new score for Reese Carter's
Diatomaceous Earth!

Diatomaceous Earth by Jared Blum from Reece Camp Carter on Vimeo.

aLord Tang mix for Meakusma - June 01, 2014

Lord Tang has been commissioned by the Meakusma label to put a mix together for their Radio Pari series!

aLord Tang new ep! - May 28, 2014

Lord Tang has a brand new ep arriving June 3rd!

aT H E M A Y S balloon launch in HD - March 27, 2014

If you missed the album launch above San Francisco, for Airspace, Michael Falsetto-Mapp of THEMAYS put together this fantastic little film that captures the magic of the event.

THEMAYS - AIRSPACE from Michael Falsetto-Mapp on Vimeo.

aT H E M A Y S' Airspace now available for digital downloading - March 20, 2014

T H E M A Y S' Airspace now available to all terran dwellers for something or nothing, you set the price! You want FLAC, AAC, OGG ?! Pick a flavor.

aCarnacki-Vulcanus split now available digitally - February 26, 2014

The Thomas Carnacki-Vulcanus 68 split LP is now available in almost every digital format you can think of, thanks to the folks at . You want FLAC, AAC, OGG ?! Pick a flavor.

aPhotos from the T H E M A Y S balloon launch - February 26, 2014

On Saturday, February 18, we launched T H E M A Y S new record, Airspace, into the atmosphere! All the flash drives were sent skyward...Ok we only sent half due to the rising cost of helium, but somewhere out there on the firmament lay 6 flash drives in some state or other just waiting for one lucky and extremely curious human to find them. Hopefully they are still in the boxes, lovingly silk screened and hand made by the great Erik Otto , that give it all a bit of context.

Either way, it was a lot of ludicrous fun to do and here are some pictures from the event for the curious.

Not that we aren't committed to this novel release format but to broaden the audience scope we will be releasing the record digitally on March 18 accompanied by remixes from Borful Tang, Kemek, THEMAYS, Shortcircles and more!

aT H E M A Y S lift off on Saturday - February 12, 2014

This is the idea and the hope. To celebrate the latest release from T H E M A Y S , AIRSPACE, we are putting the album on to 12 flash drives that are going to be released into the atmosphere on Saturday via helium balloon at the summit of Tank Hill in San Francisco. Our fondest hope is that the album will catch a current high in the atmosphere and float off into the country somewhere and eventually come to ground. Some enterprising soul will let their curiosity overcome their vigilance and plug it into their computer and get the album. Having done that, they will then release the drive back into the atmosphere and the album will make its way across the country/ world. That is the hope.

This is what it sounds like:

aVulcanus 68-Thomas Carnacki vinyl has arrived!! - January 15, 2014

The vinyl just arrived from the kind folks at Pirate's Press and they look and sound fantastic! Art by M.S. Waldron. Color all over the place and sharp as a tack. Deep warm tones!! Free MP3 download included with every purchase. They will be available January 31st. Click below to hear some sounds:

photo : Ricardo Esway Photography

aThe 2013 newsletter - December 31, 2013

We know we've been quiet but we are still here! Much has been happening outside these walls but there is quite a bit coming in the beginning of 2014. Read on:

aLord Tang and T H E M A Y S live!! - Apri 25, 2013

Lord Tang will be making his debut live outing and T H E M A Y S will be out in force...quiet force, at this ambient chill event in San Francisco this Saturday, April 27...Subliminal Messages!

aLord Tang remixes the Gravediggaz - March 4, 2013

Most unofficially, Lord Tang remixed Nowhere to Run , Nowehere to Hide a few years back. We just rediscovered it in the vaults and put in the clouds!

aNew Blanketship video for Pleated Shorts! - February 8, 2013

aLord Tang European vinyl release! - February 2, 2013

We are very excited to announce the vinyl release of the debut Lord Tang album on the German label Alarm! It includes an insert with two new paintings from the original cover artist, Kelly Porter and is remastered by the great Marcus Schmickler of Pluramon and other guises. It has a whole different thick slab of tone! .Only available in Europe at the moment, we are in the process of bringing it over the waters. Yarp!

aBehind-the-Scenes look at a Lord Tang Remix - December 19, 2012

More Lord Tang news...the fine folks over at the Portals blog have featured Mr. Tang and the Window Twins as part of their Silkscreens series; in a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Window Twins' original track 'Thunder and Lightening' off their latest record, and the subsequent LT remix. Much to see and read with interviews, photos, drawings, sound clips, demos and more!

aNew Lord Tang remixes for The Window Twins - November 12, 2012

In the midst of much madness last month we forgot to post the news about two new remixes from Lord Tang! Both for the same tune by San Francisco wunderkind songwriters Jon Bernson and Tim Cohen aka The Window Twins. Jon is best known for his work with Exray's and Tim with The Fresh and Only's. LT was in dub heaven! You can hear them at a couple of spots, the first at Foxy Digitalis for the 'Blessed Be mix'

and then over at Impose Magazine for the 'Crushed Cloud Remix'.

aLord Tang exclusive Helloween mix for Alarm! - October 31, 2012

To promote the season of spook and his upcoming European vinyl release, Lord Tang put together an exclusive Helloween mix for German label, Alarm.

Featuring toe tapping, soul crushing numbers by Xenakis, Andy Stott, Blanketship, Qulfus, Clipse ,Keiji Haino,
Demdike Stare and more!

Krzysztof Penderecki - St. Luke Passion: Part 1
Andy Stott - Execution
Iannis Xenakis - Bohor
Ben Frost - The Carpathians
Lucy - Gas
Death Grips - Cut Throat
Milanese - Barry Dub
Duchesses - PIt Bulimia (Haute Colonic Mix by Qulfus)
Blanketship - Bernadette, I'll Fucking Kill You
Camille Sauvage - Musique De L'Au-Delà
Broadcast & The Focus Group - A Seancing Song
Borful Tang - Oh Kap Soon
Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov - Track 01 Andrei Rublev S/T
Black Mold - Mobile In The Mail
Beaks Plinth - Slumbering Trees
Demdike Stare - The Stars are Moving
Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov - Track 02 Andrei Rublev S/T
Tod Dockstader - Apocalypse - Part 3
Gordon Mumma - The Dresden Interleaf 13 February 1945 (1965)
Keiji Haino - Even Now, Still I Think
Iannis Xenakis - Bohor
Luc Ferrari - Tautologos 2 - Part 1
Evangelista - How to Survive Getting Hit by Lightening
Krzysztof Komeda - What Have You Done To Its Eyes
Micahel Admis - Metallika Glypta III
Clipse - Mr. Me Too
Andy Stott - Dark Details
Andrea Serrapiglio - A Spoon on a Table

aBlanketship returns with Pleated Shorts! - September 04, 2012

Back in February of this year, we gave you a taste of what was to come with a video for 'Bacon' . Well the rest of the tracks have come together and in October we will be releasing Blanketship's Pleated Shorts!

Classic Blanketship, Pleated Shorts is a compilation style, 20 track, 29 min kaleidoscope collage of AM classics and easy listening box sets, broken psychedelia, quasi- prog orchestral library rock, French soundtrack funk,
old worldy wonders, sweaty electronics and other dirty thrift store bin magic! Here is a preview compiled
by Mr. Blum:

aLord Tang cassettes have arrived! - June 25, 2012

We have had a few inquiries about some Lord Tang tapes and they have materialized! Available now
through Aquarius Records!

aInterview and studio tour with Dominic Cramp - June 14, 2012

Take a look inside Mr. Cramp's home studio and an interview on his creative process at The Decoder. Read it here.

aGreat interview with Mr. Jared Blum at Damned by Light - June 08, 2012

Mr. Blum waxes poetic on his roots, Blanketship, V68 and how he does the magic that he do!

Read it here!

aLord Tang now available in Europe - May 18, 2012

Our friends at A-Musik in Koln, Germany have put the Lord Tang album up for sale through their online store. You can find it along with most of out other releases here

aNice interview with Lord Tang at Dub Monitor - May 02, 2012

Mr. Cramp discusses the two Tangs and the past, present and future of electronic music...among other things.

Read it here!

aLord Tang dub mix available! - April 25, 2012

Lord Tang has always had a love for the dub, old and new. Here he presents a short historical overview of the dubs that have had a heavy influence on his world.

Bullwackies All Stars - Dub To Jah
Dub Specialist - Banana Walk
Tommy McCook & The Agrovators - A Collie Dub
Lee Perry & the Upsetters - Touch of Fire
Sly & Robbie - Flight of Africa
King Tubby - Money Dub
Yabby You - Beware
Glen Brown & King Tubby - Termination Dub
Keith Hudson - I'm Alright
Yabby You - Zambia Dub
Prince Jammy - Conspiracy on Neptune
Creation Rebel - Starship Africa: Section 1
Lord Tang - Heard It Through the Tang
King Jammy - Radical Dubber
Congo Ashanti Roy - Snipers In The Streets
Rhythm & Sound Feat. Cornel Campbell - King In My Empire
Peak - Strange Noises from the Wardrobe

aLord Tang out now! - April 16, 2012

We are excited to announce that Lord Tang's debut record for Gigante Sound is now available for sale in the Unites States on compact disc and other digital formats! We will be rolling it out to Europe on May 1 and cassettes should also be available at that time.

Videos are up for almost every tune on the record with a couple more still to come! If you haven't checked it already, have a look at our Gigante Sound Films YouTube channel.

Also, don't miss the exclusive mixes Mr. Tang is whipping up for us. There is one available on the Mixes page with more on the way!

aNew Lord Tang video up for 'My Dub Uncle' - April 2, 2012

aLord Tang mix available now! - March 26, 2012

To promote his upcoming debut on Gigante Sound, Lord Tang has brought us a filtered, delayed and generally scrambled mix of tunes. A heady mix of modern electronic music, here is the list:

Benge - 1972 Serge Modular
Earth Jerks - side 1
Demdike Stare - Caged In Stammheim
Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub
Lucy - lav
Vangelis - Dreamt music
Andy Stott - New Ground
Actress - Lost
Matthewdavid - Reunited
Tones on Tail - Rain
Suuns - Pie IX
Africa Hitech - Don't Fight It
Robert Wyatt - You You
Harmonic 313 - Koln
T H E M A Y S - Blues Dot Korg
Lord Tang - Fog

aWelcome Lord Tang!!! - March 16, 2012

Gigante Sound is excited to welcome a new artist to its ranks, Lord Tang!! This is a new solo project of Gigante co-founder Dominic Cramp that is focused on the beats and the notes. There are elements of his namesake, Borful Tang, and various other ventures but this is an entirely new sound. Heavy emphasis on beats as interpreted by Mr. Cramp; pulling from influences such as Demdike Stare, Madlib, King Tubby, Dabrye, This Heat, Basic Channel and on, you will hear it all in Lord Tang!

Not out until April 16, expect to see a few promotional nuggets popping up..such as this..a video created by Mr. Cramp for the first track on the new record, Fog!:

aNew Borful Tang vinyl out on Stroboscopic Artefacts - March 15, 2012

Borful is extremely excited to be involved in this project alongside fellow sonic pioneers Lucy, Perc and Kevin Gorman! Each artist has two tracks a side on two clear 10" vinyl platters. Packaging is insane!

Available now!!

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